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The Professional Development Institute (PDI) is the proven leader in growing professional expertise and building workplace knowledge. Every year, thousands of public sector professionals and private sector leaders benefit from a variety of continuous professional development activities.







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Important Update

With many unknowns vis-à-vis in-person learning, PDI has programmed the winter semester online. Reduced capacity, in-class, face-to-face courses are being programmed to begin in May 2022.

Whether you are aiming for a higher level of education or tackling a new interest, PDI designs courses and programs with your career and life aspirations in mind.

Visit regularly to find the learning solution that is right for you and your team.




Distance Learning Program
Welcoming clients to online courses and events 

Interactive digital sessions featuring a live instructor ensure you
maintain your professional edge and upgrade your knowledge
with the latest best practice. 






About Us

The University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute (The Institute), originally branded the Centre for Continuing Education, was established over 25 years ago to offer higher learning opportunities to private and public-sector professionals and the community at large in Ottawa.  Over the years, we developed and nurtured expertise, growing significantly in both course offerings and new specialty knowledge areas, outgrowing its original mandate. 






The Professional Development Institute (PDI) provides recognized career learning to tens of thousands of decision makers and professionals at all levels in the public service and the private sector to advance their knowledge and expertise. 

PDI is a leader in professional learning and is currently seeking new instructors to join its team.

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Stories from people who have taken our programs, courses, coaching and more!

Mackenzie Beacock, Public Servant at RCMP


Anica Pejanovic, Communications, ESDC

“I attended the course Giving Constructive Feedback and learned so many valuable approaches that I can apply in my next role. I also learned so much from the stories shared by the other experienced managers!”  

“Thank you PDI for making 6 hours of content fly by! Zoom fatigue no more!”


Nina Camilleri, Marketing Design and Development, Ottawa Student Transportation Authority

“For me, pivoting between presentations, discussions and exercises is what keeps me engaged. It also helps to be learning exciting new content and having an energetic instructor! Thanks for the great social media course.”  





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