Busy professionals keep their edge by regularly upgrading their knowledge, keeping up with the latest in best practices and adding new skills. To help, we are proud to offer networking events featuring national and international experts on current topics such as government, security and policy, leadership and others.

Upcoming Events


Cyber Security Literacy Workshop

The cyber security workshop aims to provide participants with knowledge about information and cyber security threats and the techniques that can be used to keep employees and co-workers safe from nefarious attacks.


Data Management & Analytics Roadshow

Building a Smart Public Sector with Data Collaboration and Automation Recently the public sector has become increasingly aware of the potential value that can be gained from leveraging data as a strategic asset, but the sector still struggles.


25th Annual PPX Symposium

The PPX Symposium theme for 2022 is “Planning and Performance for a More Resilient Future.” The global pandemic has had significant impacts on governments, organizations and people around the world.


Disinformation: Challenges and Dangers to Democracy

Speakers will discuss the challenges and dangers to Canadian democracy posed by disinformation. Know more.