Celebrating the Achievements of the Comptrollership Leadership Development Program's 2023 Cohort Graduates

Photo: Graduates of the 2023 CLDP Cohort. Certain graduates are not pictured as they attended the ceremony virtually.

It is with great pleasure and admiration that we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the 24 graduates of our 2023 cohort of the Comptrollership Leadership Development Program (CLDP). This comprehensive professional development initiative, led by Bob Plamondon, Program Director at the Professional Development Institute of the University of Ottawa, has empowered a group of talented financial professionals to excel in the dynamic field of comptrollership.

Their dedication, perseverance, and commitment to excellence have propelled them to this success. We have no doubt that they will continue to thrive, making invaluable contributions to the field of comptrollership and inspiring future cohorts. A special thanks to Mike Milito, Assistant Comptroller General, Internal Audit for sharing his insights at the event.

About CLDP

The Comptrollership Leadership Development Program (CLDP) offered by the University of Ottawa's Professional Development Institute is a certificate program that aims to assist emerging leaders in developing their skills and experiences to take on greater leadership responsibilities in a dynamic and complex work environment. Developed in collaboration with the Office of the Comptroller General of Canada, this program provides participants with the opportunity to acquire new skills that can be applied immediately in their current roles. Learn more.