Business Process Improvement Accelerated Program

Program Overview

This program equips participants with tools, tips, techniques, and problem-solving from the areas of continuous improvement as well as Lean, Six Sigma, and into process design. You will be exposed to a client-focused approach, with emphasis on data-driven tools, team-based decision-making, and rigorous methodology to solve problems related to quality, time, cost, and waste. You will concentrate extensively on creating value for the team, the client, and end users. This program will help you to consider efficiency and effectiveness, while moving you towards effortless work. You will learn methods to streamline your own processes, to improve business performance, and supercharge your career.

Accelerated Program - Summer 2024

This intensive program consists of 5 courses taken over 5 consecutive days.

Participants must attend all 5 days to be granted the program certificate from the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute.

This one-week get-it-done format offers participants the combination of knowledge and innovative techniques that are part of the regular BPI certificate but with a few extras:

  1. Experience the entire certificate with the same cohort, creating rich networking opportunities.
  2. Dive deeper into your own processes and get more feedback and help since your accountability partners and instructors become increasingly familiar with your reality.
  3. Receive additional content and tools not normally covered when you take each course separately.
  4. Gain more opportunities to apply your new skills to real-world situations.
  5. Benefit from the knowledge and competencies of two seasoned instructors.


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  • People throughout the organization who want to quantify how work is going
  • People wishing to make their work, or that of their team, more effective, more efficient, and overall, less effort
  • People wanting to add to their career options by learning some of the most in-demand skills for the working environment today


Learning outcomes

  • Create a vision and a strategy for process improvements
  • Strategize to mobilize the stakeholders related to a process
  • Follow each of the six possible paths used to address process opportunities and problems
  • Work collaboratively on process improvements
  • Apply more than two dozen tools
  • Design, refine or fix processes



Summer 2024 Accelerated Certificate
Delivery mode:
in person

 Date  Time  Course  Instructor
Monday, July 8                                                       9:00 to 16:00                                                         BPI: An Introduction

Jeffry Morgan, M.Ed., has spent the last 3 decades running the third largest cultural touring agency worldwide and has done business in more than one-third of the world. Jeffry’s keen sense of observation and formal background in teaching make him particularly gifted at expressing leadership and management principles through examples and language that all of us can relate to. He has authored a compendium of management and leadership techniques as well as numerous articles.

Tuesday, July 9 9:00 to 16:00 BPI: Process Mapping
Wednesday, July 10 9:00 to 16:00 BPI for Personal Efficiency
Thursday, July 11 9:00 to 16:00  BPI for Problem Solving
Friday, July 12 9:00 to 16:00 BPI for Project Champions


Attendance Policy

Attendance to all courses is mandatory to receive a program certificate.

Completion of each course implies that the participant has actively participated in a minimum of 90% of the course.


Accelerated Program Registration

There is no prerequisite to register for the Accelerated Program.

Accelerated Program cost: $2,600.00 + applicable taxes



Event CodeTitleBegin DateEnd DateTermDelivery Method
P02202407BBusiness Process Improvement: Accelerated Program7/8/20247/12/2024SummerIn PersonRegister
P02202507ABusiness Process Improvement: Accelerated Program7/7/20257/11/2025SummerIn PersonRegister