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The Professional Development Institute (PDI) of the University of Ottawa has been in the business of providing recognized career learning for over 40 years. Tens of thousands of decision makers and professionals at all levels in the public service and the private sector benefit from courses, programs and events to advance their knowledge and expertise. PDI’s experienced instructors are content and industry experts
in their field and are trained to meet the specific needs of adult learners.


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PDI offers educational opportunities in a wide range of topics including information and cyber security, business communications and marketing, writing skills, project management, national security, business-process improvement, leadership and many more. PDI is among the largest bilingual supplier of professional development to government organizations in Ottawa and we are one of the most trusted professional development resources in Canada.


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Stanton: A foreign agent registry alone won't stop China's interfering.  

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This is a unique opportunity to gain insights from one of the foremost surveys on terrorism.

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Serge Blais, Executive Director of PDI, speaks to the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs about the Coding for Veterans program.

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Security and the Mis/Dis-Information Environment. 

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Listen to PDI Program Director and Former CSIS Intelligence Officer Dan Stanton discuss the threat of Chinese espionage in Canada



The Canadian Ditchley Foundation's 2022 Biennial Conference

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What People Have to Say


Mackenzie Beacock

Public Servant at RCMP

"I attended the course Giving Constructive Feedback and learned so many valuable approaches that I can apply in my next role. I also learned so much from the stories shared by the other experienced managers!"


Anica Pejanovic

Communications, ESDC

"Thank you PDI for making 6 hours of content fly by! Zoom fatigue no more!"


Nina Camilleri

Marketing Design and Development, Ottawa Student Transportation Authority

"For me, pivoting between presentations, discussions and exercises is what keeps me engaged. It also helps to be learning exciting new content and having an energetic instructor! Thanks for the great social media course."



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