Client services are actions designed to enhance the level of client satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met their expectations.

The challenge faced by all public services, whether in government, non-profit, or affiliated services, is that the expectations of Canadians are rising. An always-connected, highly literate, globally aware population demand a high quality, customized service from their public services. Canadians expect 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year service, if not face-to-face, then at least online. The failure to meet these high demands has led to well-documented—and sometimes large—gaps between expectations and current standards of delivery.

This course is designed to refresh the fundamentals of client service in the public sector. You will learn to make client service and connectivity work together to result in excellence. You will learn to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement and manage improvements. You will also learn cutting-edge strategies for monitoring and evaluating client services, resulting in a robust cycle of continual improvement.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course the participant will be able to:
  • Refreshing the fundamentals of client service in the public sector
  • Understanding the best practices in client service in comparable organizations
  • Applying best practices
  • Avoiding common errors
  • Managing the continual improvement cycle and aligning resources and expectations
  • Gaining awareness of tools and methods used in implementing strategies for improving client service
  • Gaining awareness of appropriate monitoring and evaluation methods
  • Interacting with a broader community of practice engaged in client service improvement


6 hours

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Justin Thibault currently manages the Faculty of Health Sciences marketing and communications team at the University of Ottawa. He leads strategic initiatives that aim to improve the students’ (as the university’s customers) experience from recruitment to alumni engagement. He seeks innovative ways to connect to his customers and streamline every step of the experience.

Prior to this, Justin led the Service Excellence Initiative at California State University Long Beach, in Long Beach, California. There, he applied his experience to develop the Service Excellence vision and implement an array of improvements that were all integral to improving the customer experience. His customer experience transformations started while he was leading the University of Ottawa’s strategic initiative to become—and remain—a recognized leader in service excellence.

As a skilled facilitator and motivational change agent, he collaborates with all stakeholders to implement a range of continuous improvement strategies.

Justin is a graduate from the University of Ottawa and has done work across North America in both the private and public sectors. He is also fluently bilingual in both French and English.

Access a Continuum of Learning

By completing the Certificate in Client Service Excellence program, you will have the tools needed to excel at designing and delivering client services.

The Certificate in Client Service Excellence program stands as a crucial component within the continuum of learning opportunities offered by the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute (uOttawa PDI). This program focuses on fostering skills in analytical thinking, interpersonal communication, and other essential topics, contributing significantly to individuals' skill development within the learning ecosystem.

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