Business Communication and Influence (BCI) Program

A joint initiative of the uOttawa Engineering Sales School (uOESS) and PDI.

In the world of engineering and technology, the ability to communicate effectively guides the crucial delivery of what clients want and need which, in turn, secures business viability and longevity.

The professional (or 'soft') skills of listening, dialogue and influence are essential to success. However, most engineering and technology educational programs do not provide sufficient opportunities to acquire and develop these important skills. 

The Business Communication & Influence (BCI) program is reversing this trend for the benefit of the engineering and technical industries. Developed and refined in the rich and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Univeristy of Ottawa and proven over ten years, uOttawa Engineering Sales School (uOESS) and PDI are partnering to deliver BCI's highly productive tools, techniques and insights to foster business leadership, sales and product management proficiencies for professionals, teams and companies.

The Business Communication & Influence (BCI) Curriculum

The program's four modules may be delivered:

  • online
  • uOttawa main campus
  • at the uOttawa PDI Kanata North Campus or
  • at a client site.

The program can equally be tailored to the specific needs of an organisation. The Program's four modules, a total of 48 hours, may be delivered in weekly 3-hour sessions or in a ‘multi-day intensive’ format.

Advanced Curriculum

  • Certified Sales Engineer Program
  • Sales Camp

BCI Foundation (12-hour Module)
Basic communication and influence skills for anyone from the newest Canadian to the most senior research and development engineer. Module 1 is 100% self-paced asynchronous online learning.

BCI Connection (12-hour Module)
Apply communication and influencing skills in everyday engineering & work situations. Module 2 is a combination of self-paced asynchronous online learning and live (whether online or face-to-face) learning.

BCI Influence (12-hour Module) 
Proposals, Pricing, Pitches and Presentations to push forward change. Module 3 is live instructor-led learning (whether synchronous online or face-to-face).

BCI Application (12-hour Module) 
Turning techniques and insights into real-life skills. BCI Application can be the platform to become a Sales Engineer or to enter a Master Programme.



BCI Registration

Former program graduates have gone on to pursue highly successful career paths - starting companies, and successfully designing and delivering products and services that people want, need and can afford.  Below are examples of specific techniques and insights that you will learn and be able to turn into conscious and targeted skills:

  • Buying Drivers - The only five ways anyone is motivated to take action (or buy something!) - and how to use them
  • Human Filtering - How we see the world through a different model - and how to discover someone else's
  • Personal & Business Rapport - The 4 levels of rapport that create open communication and support influence
  • Needs Elicitation - Rise above the detail to discover exactly what someone wants, really needs and can afford
  • Conversational Navigation & Control - Moving conversations easily to a productive place for both parties
  • Presentations, Proposals, Prices and Pitching - Improve these skills for yourself and your team

This program is for everyone who needs to:

  • build what people truly need - not just what they say they want
  • communicate with any team they lead - without costly assumptions or guesses
  • influence others to buy their ideas, products or services
  • start or grow their own company with minimum time and at minimum risk
  • deliver effective presentations that fearlessly Communicate & Influence
  • manage partnerships and channels that deliver results effectively
  • become a uniquely Certified Sales Engineer

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