Business Communication and Influence (BCI) Program

A joint initiative of the uOttawa Engineering Sales School (uOESS) and PDI.

In engineering and technology, effective communication will always guide the delivery of what clients truly want and need.  Done well, it’s the key to influencing decisions that will generate immediate revenue and long-term client relationships. Competence in listening, speaking, logical thought and planned engagement are essential for success. But engineering and technology educational programs rarely provide opportunities to learn and develop these essential professional skills. The Business Communication & Influence (BCI) programme tackles this problem head on.  It helps engineering and technology students effectively communicate their knowledge and ideas to anyone – whether a major investor, a C-suite decision maker, or influential users.

The uOttawa Engineering Sales School (uOESS) has developed and proven this over the past ten years - in the rich, diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Ottawa.  They now partner with PDI to deliver BCI in a variety of formats. BCI’s intensely practical tools, techniques and insights are ground breaking – and now 100% available online as well as in class.  The program develops and supports business leadership, sales skills and product management proficiencies for professionals, teams and companies.

The Business Communication & Influence (BCI) Curriculum
The program's modules can be delivered in the way that best suits participants:

  • Online - asynchronous (self-teach); hybrid (self + tutor); synch (asynch preparation + tutoring)

  • uOttawa main campus - as a traditional in-person course (limited numbers, distanced 

  • at the uOttawa PDI Kanata North Campus  - as main campus

  • or at Your Client Site - tailored to business needs and staff locations

The program is fine grained so that modules can be tailored to the specific needs of an organisation. The Program's three modules a total of ~48 hours work - can either be delivered in weekly 3-hour sessions or in a ‘multi-day intensive’ format. The finale is a ‘next steps’ Application workshop or exam/assessment.

The BCI Extended Curriculum

For those registered with uOttawa, BCI can be the first step in a journey that culminates in being awarded a uOttawa Sales Engineer Certification.  These are the steps that can be followed:

  • Engineering Sales Camp (3 weekend intensive)

  • Sales Engineer Internship (3-6 months using BCI and Sales Camp skills)

  • Certified Sales Engineer award


BCI Foundation (10-hour Module)
Conscious Speaking, Active Listening, Rational Understanding
This module is available from January 1st 2021. It delivers powerful, effective communication and influence skills.  The techniques and insights taught are widely applicable -rom the newest Canadian, through the most senior research and development engineer, to anyone running a Business Unit or Startup. The Foundation Module is 100% self-paced asynchronous online learning.

BCI Communication (10-hour Module)
Truly Effective Connections with Customers & Clients
This module will be available from late 2021. This module delivers practical skills for everyone with customer-facing engagements: 1. Engage & elicit (or draw out) their true needs. 2. Discover & develop the business outcomes they drive 3. Explore the economic outcomes of a solution. The target is a Product Manager, Startup Leader, Installation & Support, Business Unit Managers. The Communication Module is a combination of self-paced, asynchronous online learning and live (either online or face-to-face) coaching.

BCI Influence (10-hour Module) 
Proposals, Pricing, Pitches & Presentations that drive Decisions & Action
This workshop will be available from Summer 2021. This is quite simply the module for anyone who has to ‘get out there and do the business’ - whether from a technical, business or financial background.  They will take away the ‘Five Ps’: Well prepared Proposals that actually get business; Well analysed Pricing with clearly stated Returns or Savings; An innovative approach to Pitches that make them useful business tools; Probably the best, easiest and most effective framework for any Presentation around. An approach to personal, team and buyer Preparation that allows everyone to flourish.  The Influence Module is a combination of self-paced, asynchronous online learning and live (either online or face-to-face) coaching & assessment.

BCI Application (1-day Module)
Documented Foundation for the Future
This workshop will be available online and in-house from September 2021. For students registered with uOttawa, this is a practical and written exam.  This can be the first step on the road to either becoming a Certified Sales Engineer or to enter a Masters’ Degree Programme. For commercial teams, this practical, highly interactive one day workshop answers the important question ‘So what do we need to change to make best use of this new knowledge…and how?



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BCI Registration

Former BCI programme graduates have all gone on to pursue highly successful career paths. 

They have started successful companies.  They have designed and delivered solutions that people want, need and can afford.  They have gone on to careers as sales engineers, sales people and marketing professionals. 

Below are a few examples of specific techniques and insights that you will learn and be able to turn into conscious and targeted skills:

  • Buying Drivers - The only five ways anyone is motivated to take action (or buy something!) - and how to use them
  • Human Filtering - How each of us see the world through a different filter - and how to determine and utilise knowledge of another person’s filters
  • Personal & Business Rapport - The four levels of rapport that create open communication and then support long-term influence
  • Needs Elicitation - Rise above the detail to discover exactly what someone wants, truly needs and can actually afford
  • Conversational Navigation & Control - Refocussing conversations to a productive place for both parties where the real problems (and their solutions) are truly exposed
  • Presentations, Proposals, Prices and Pitching - Turn these normally onerous tasks into successful, profitable and, just as importantly, enjoyable events for yourself and your team

This programme is for everyone who needs to:

  • build what people truly need - not just what they say they want
  • communicate with any team they lead - without costly assumptions or guesses
  • influence others to buy their ideas, products or services
  • start or grow their own company with minimum time and at minimum risk
  • deliver effective presentations that fearlessly Communicate & Influence
  • manage partnerships and channels that deliver effective results
  • become a uniquely Certified Sales Engineer

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