National Security and Intelligence Advanced Certificate

Program Overview

This program provides participants with the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and dynamic knowledge-based National Security sensitization. You will gain an invaluable appreciation of the impact of intelligence on policy-driven decision-making in Canada. You will deepen your understanding of the value of intelligence, specifically the role it plays in domestic security, law enforcement, foreign policy, international crisis, and conflict. National Security Intelligence and its usefulness will be demystified, enabling you to apply your knowledge to your decision-making efforts and provide leadership in your respective domains. The program fosters substantive dialogue. The exchange of knowledge on current and emerging national security challenges will lead you to actionable policy options, informed decision-making, and fact-based intelligence assessments.


Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the legislative and legal foundations of National Security in Canada
  • Appreciate the complex and fast-changing National Security Threat environment
  • Adapt and address the multi-faceted threats to National Security
  • Provide contextualized and useful threat assessments in any domain of work
  • Create your own structured analytical approach to an Intelligence challenge


Teaching and Learning Strategies

  • Topical discussions, models, tools, techniques
  • Case studies
  • Individual and group exercises


Target Audience

  • Government and private sector executives
  • Decision-makers dealing with security intelligence, foreign policy, law enforcement, support to military, external review, and risk management assessments
  • Analysts and managers dealing with compliance, privacy, and data retention issues.
  • Anyone interested in National Security Intelligence


Certificate Requirements

  • Enrollment is open to anyone.
  • Participants must complete all core courses and 42 hours of elective requirements from the list below, within a three-year time frame.


Please note: The Institute updated the certificate requirements in September 2022. View the certificate requirements prior to September 2022