Finding candidates that are suitable to your open positions is only the first step. Interviewing them effectively to determine fit and potential is a whole different matter. Make the most out of the brief time you spend with job candidates to determine how they fit into your organization and whether they will be successful should you offer them the position.

In this workshop, you will understand the role of candidate fit; learn how to develop prioritized criteria for your interview; learn the techniques to prepare for successful interviews; understand the planning behind the interview process; learn to read your interviewee; role playing an interview; and plan your wrap up technique.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Interviewing
  • Developing Interview Questions
  • Behavioural Questions
  • What can you ask?
  • Legal Issues
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • The Interview Opening
  • Listening Better
  • Biases & Subliminal Opinions
  • Non-verbals
  • Interviewing Traps
  • Clarifying Vague Answers & Dishonesty
  • Taking Notes and Scoring
  • Closing the Interview
  • Action Plans


6 hours

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Merri Lemmex has over 35 years in the training industry, beginning with the development of technical training programs and expanding to include design, development and delivery of regulatory training and management skills courses. Clients she has taught include Wang, Kyma, Corel Systems, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, Duke University, and neuroLanguage. In addition, she has owned and operated two businesses and is also an experienced manager in the training function and personnel management of large organizations.

Merri holds a Masters in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Project Management from Athabasca University.

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