All managers – private and public sector – can’t function properly without a basic understanding of how to read a financial statement. This skill not only helps them understand the financial strength and performance of their own organization but enables them to gain insights into partners, suppliers and other entities with whom they deal. It's simply not good enough for decision makers to have an expert nearby to tell them what they think they need to know about accounting and finance.

In this course participants become familiar with the basic building blocks of financial statements and how to use financial tools to improve decision-making. They practice ratio analysis on public and private sector enterprises and they gain an appreciation for how financial statements can be misleading to users. We go beyond terminology and prepare participants for decision making with the tools they need to be effective.

Learning Outcomes

  • The building blocks of financial statements
  • Analyzing and interpreting financial statements
  • Decision-making tools
  • Communicating financial information
  • Cultivating working relationships with finance professionals


12 hours

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Dr. Samir Saadi is a Professor and Ian Telfer Fellow in Behavioural Finance at the University of Ottawa. Before his current appointment, he was a Visiting Scholar at leading institutions such as New York University. He has published more than 50 articles in academic and professional journals. His research interests include behavioral finance, corporate finance, and Fintech. He serves as a consultant for organizations in the government and private sectors. He is involved in CFA training programs in Europe and North Africa. He has been interviewed numerous times in live radio programs and newspapers and served as an expert witness before the Senate of Canada. He holds a PhD in finance from Queen's University.

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