About the Program

Today’s policymakers operate in an increasingly complex world, where it is more difficult to make decisions that take into account the multitude of threats that we face. Intersecting security concerns have become an integral consideration in public policy development and application, and private sector management.

Our Approach

  • Security Policy relays synthesized information to mid- and senior-level government officials, decision-makers and corporate leaders, turning existing research and knowledge into actionable policy options and business decisions.
  • Security Policy is a convener of experts and a conduit to relay important open-source information to the people who need to know.
  • By acquiring current knowledge of security matters and insight into emerging trends and issues, participants are ready to actively influence policy making and executive decisions in their organizations.

SPI caters to the information needs of various audiences

  • Government officials
  • Politicians and their advisers
  • Mid-to-senior management, CFOs and CIOs
  • Board directors
  • The legal community
  • Accounting firms and the Insurance industry
  • Anyone with a need to know in order to stay ahead of the curve in the complex world of security


Tapping into its local, national and international network, the program will bring together a dynamic group of top security policy experts from industry, the civil service and academia to frame the debate about the intersection between security policy in Canada and the world.

Did you Know?

The completion of a series of any five SPI courses over three years leads to a Certificate of Professional Development from the University of Ottawa. Visit our Courses page to view our current offering!

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