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Save the Date

October 24 Improving Your Presentation Skills

October 24 Comprehensive Project Management Basics

October 24 The Basics of Business Writing

October 26 Client Service Excellence

October 26 Fundamentals of Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace

October 29 Oral Briefings

October 29 A+ Writing

October 29 Influencing and Leading Others

October 30 Advanced Negotiation Skills

October 31 Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Managers

October 31 Critical Thinking: Effective Exploration of Alternative Solutions

October 31 Writing in Plain Language

November 1 Risk Management

November 1 Fundamentals of French Writing Skills

November 1 Advanced Editing Skills 

November 2 Strategic Thinking

November 2 Writing Well I

November 5 Business Process Improvement: An Introduction

November 5 - The Right Word

November 5 Analytical Thinking

November 5 Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam Prep

November 5 PMP® Exam Prep

November 6 Practical Grammar: Writing Sound Sentences

November 6 Translating Research into Policy and Practice: An Introduction

November 7 Briefing Notes That Work

November 7 Conscious Leadership

November 8 Motivating Yourself and Others

November 13 Becoming an Invaluable Communications Advisor

November 13 Developing Your Negotiation Skills

November 13 Assertiveness Skills

November 13 Advanced Business Writing

November 14 Supervising on a Day-to-day Basis

November 15 Effective Employee Communications and Engagement

November 15 How to Write Effective Reports

November 15 Coaching - Developing Skills for Powerful Conversations

November 19 Comprehensive Project Management Basics

November 19 Team Writing - One Document, Many Authors

November 19 Terrorism in Canada: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

November 19 Leading Teams

November 21 Effective Delegation

November 21 Decision Making: A Systematic Approach

November 21 Improving Your Presentation Skills

November 21 Writing for Promotional Communications

November 21 Effective Delegation

November 22 Writing for the Web

November 22 Minutes Made

November 22 Project Communication: Driving Integration and Boosting Results

November 22 Business Process Improvement for Project Champions


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