Group of colleague at a training session.

Group and B2B Training

Now offered online, live and interactive

Customized training solutions deliver the results your organization needs and can be conveniently delivered at the location of your choice.

Group training can be delivered virually online, as an "in-house" workshop at your facility or at our state-of-the-art facility located in downtown Ottawa.

Based on real-world experience, using practical skills that can be applied every day, customized training helps organizations align to their strategic objectives. Tailored training solutions efficiently deliver the knowledge and skills necessary for your organizations' employees to excel while satisfying their hunger for continuous improvement.

Our workshops offer varying levels of customization designed to meet your organization’s specific training requirements by offering:

  1. Workshops from our standard offerings delivered as-is
  2. Workshops from our standard offerings modified to meet your specific needs
  3. New workshops developed specifically for your organization

Our team of experienced advisors :

  • assess your training needs, setting objectives, and identifying specific skill gaps
  • create a tailored program to maximize results 
  • organize all training logistics offering a turn-key solution

Recognizing that employees frequently move roles and jobs, we ensure that group workshops remain on-offer so that new employees can register individually for the same training provided to your group via on-campus, open enrolment at the Professional Development Institute.

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