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Communication and Writing

Courses offered

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Communicating Your Social Responsibility and Sustainability Initiatives
Communicating with Your Employees


Presentations and Speeches

Strategic Communications and Social Media

Grammar and Style

French Writing Skills for Anglophones

Do you have to write or revise French texts? Are you looking to get your Federal Government proficiency levels? This program is designed for Anglophones who speak French and who want to improve their ability to write in French. Its goal is to give you the essential knowledge and skills you need to write clear and effective work-related documents. The language of instruction is French. However, English and French are often compared and contrasted to better emphasize the differences and similarities between the two languages. This program includes two workshops:

Strategic and Business Writing

Editing and Tools


    Strategic Communications and Change Event

    Join us for a candid, practical discussion about how communicators can be transformational change makers during these times, and beyond.

    Online Certificate Cohort Program

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    The Strategic Communications & Change (SCC) program explores how communications can fuel an organization’s transformation agenda.

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