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November 19 Comprehensive Project Management Basics

November 19 Team Writing - One Document, Many Authors

November 19 Terrorism in Canada: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

November 19 Leading Teams

November 19 AWS DigiGov - Leveraging the Cloud FREE

November 21 Effective Delegation

November 21 Decision Making: A Systematic Approach

November 21 Improving Your Presentation Skills

November 21 Writing for Promotional Communications

November 21 Effective Delegation

November 22 Writing for the Web

November 22 - Integrative PeaceBuilding FREE

November 22 Minutes Made

November 22 Project Communication: Driving Integration and Boosting Results

November 22 Business Process Improvement for Project Champions

November 23 Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results

November 23 Anti-corruption & Compliance FREE

November 26 Time and Energy Management

November 26 PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification (or Re-Certification)

November 26 The Basics of Business Writing

November 26 How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going? An Introduction to the Contemporary Middle East

November 26 PRINCE2® for PMP®

November 26 PRINCE2® Foundation

November 27 Giving Constructive Feedback

November 28 Creativity and Innovation

November 28 Knowledge Synthesis: How to Use Research Evidence in Support of Policy and Practice

November 28 Briefing Notes that Work

November 29 PRINCE2® Practitioner (or Re-Certification)

November 29 Effective Interpersonal Communication

November 29 Selling Ideas Successfully

November 30 Writing in Plain Language

November 30 Teaching Instrumental Music to Young Children 

November 30 Effective Management of Project Stakeholders

December 3 Writing Well I

December 3 Strategic Thinking

December 3 Management from a Woman's Perspective

December 3 Producing Results Without Authority

December 3 Fundamentals of Public Policy Development

December 4 Results-based Management

December 5 Translating Research into Policy and Practice - The Next Level

December 5 Analytical Thinking

December 5 Building Your Chairperson Skills

December 6 Writing Well II

December 7 Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

December 7 Business Process Improvement: An Introduction

December 10 Developing Your Negotiation Skills

December 10 Business Process Improvement for Personal Efficiency

December 11 Assertiveness Skills

December 11 Knowledge Management: Monitoring and Evaluation Methods

December 12 Influencing and Leading Others

December 12 Project Management and Organizational Change

December 12 Working in Project Teams

December 13 Crisis Communications: Lessons from the Ottawa-Gatineau Tornadoes

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