Technology in the plurilingual classroom

Course Prerequisite

Workshop #1:Plurilingual Approaches to ELT is mandatory in order to register for this workshop. 


In this workshop, we focus on how teachers can integrate digital plurilingual resources in their classroom to engage students and scaffold learning; examine different tools and pedagogic strategies; and incorporate plurilingual tools to support individual learners and promote linguistic diversity.


Topic Relevance

  • Educators who teach English (or other languages) as a second language and are interested in developing a better understanding of plurilingual approaches to educational technology. 

  • Educators who work with diverse groups of English language learners and are interested in creating plurilingual lessons facilitated by educational technologies.



  • To develop an understanding of plurilingual approaches to educational technology;

  • To devlop familiarity with 4 Approaches for plurilingual learning with educational technologies;

  • To discuss how to integrate technology in the plurilingual classroom;

  • To examine the integration of educational technology into an existing plurilingual classroom; and

  • To create a plurilingual lesson with one of the approaches using educational technologies.





Delivery Mode


  • This workshop will take place virtually.



Dr. Reza Farzi is an APTPUO professor at the Faculties of ARTS and Education.  He has many years of ESL/EFL teaching experience both in Canada and abroad. He also works as Curriculum Coordinator at the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute of the University of Ottawa. His current research and academic interests include pre- and in-service language teacher education, data-driven curriculum development for ESL and EAP programs, the application of technology in education. Most recently his work has been published in a practical resource book on Language Teacher Education for Global Englishes by Routledge.





November 8, 2021                                             Delivery Mode: Online                                   


18:00 - 21:00 (EDT)                                            Fee $400.00                                                                                                                    





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