A Convergence of Disruptors: uOttawa Conference 2020

Speaker Biographies


Colin Clarke

Colin P. Clarke (PhD U Pittsburgh) is a senior research fellow at The Soufan Center in New York, an associate fellow at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) in The Hague, a non-resident senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), and an assistant teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon University.  For ten years he was with the RAND Corporation, where his research focused on terrorism, insurgency and criminal networks.  He is the author of Terrorism, Inc.: The Financing of Terrorism, Insurgency, and Irregular Warfare; Terrorism: The Essential Reference Guide; and After the Caliphate: The Islamic State and the Future Terrorist Diaspora.

Dr. Monica Gattinger

Monica Gattinger is Director of the Institute for Science, Society and Policy, Full Professor at the School of Political Studies and Chair of Positive Energy at the University of Ottawa. Professor Gattinger’s research and engagement focus on the energy and arts/cultural policy sectors, exploring how to strengthen governance, public policy and regulation in the context of fast-paced innovation, technological change and markets, fundamental social and value change, and lower public trust in government, industry, science and expertise. Gattinger is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and serves on advisory boards for the Institute on Governance, the National Research Council Canada, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Pollution Probe and the University of Calgary. She sits on the Editorial Boards of the University of Ottawa Press and the journal Canadian Public Administration. Monica received the 2020 Clean50 Award for her thought leadership in the energy sector. She holds a Ph.D. in public policy from Carleton University.

Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. Recently he given the title of Program Director for the Security, Economics and Technology (SET) portfolio at the Professional Development Institute. He has worked as a senior strategic analyst for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) from 2001-2015, specializing in violent Islamist-inspired homegrown extremism and radicalization. From 1983 to 2001, he worked as a senior multilingual analyst for Communications Security Establishment (CSE), specializing in the Middle East. He has written extensively on terrorism issues. His most recent book is When Religion Kills.

Dennis Horak

Dennis Horak (BA Honours [Political Science] York University, 1983; MSc Econ. [International Relations], London School of Economics, London U.K., 1984. He joined the Department of External Affairs in 1987. He has had overseas assignments as a Political Officer in Stockholm (1989-90) and Warsaw (1990-93), Riyadh (1996-99) and London (2002-06). He was appointed as Head of Mission/Chargé d’affaires in Tehran (2009-12) and as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Yemen (2015-18). Headquarters assignments have included assignments as Director of the Gulf and Maghreb Division and as Director of the Middle East Division. He retired in September 2018 and currently lives in Toronto with his wife Sally.

Jay Ingram

Jay Ingram has hosted two national science programs in Canada, Quirks and Quarks on CBC radio and Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada. He has written 16 books, which have been translated into 15 languages, has six honorary degrees, is a member of the Order of Canada and a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. From 2005-2015, he was Chair of the Science Communications Program at the Banff Centre. He is also co-founder and chair of the arts and engineering smashup called Beakerhead, which began in September 2013 in Calgary.

Jeh Johnson
Keynote Speaker

Jeh Johnson was the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security from December 23, 2013 to January 20, 2017.  As such, he led the third largest Department of the U.S. government, with a workforce of 229,000 employees and 22 components including TSA, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, FEMA, the Coast Guard, and the Secret Service. 

Under Secretary Johnson’s leadership, DHS was responsible for counterterrorism, cybersecurity, aviation security, border security, port security, maritime security, administration and enforcement of our immigration laws, protection of our national leaders, protection of critical infrastructure, detection of and protection against chemical, biological and nuclear threats to the homeland, and response to disasters.

Alan Jones

Alan Jones worked for 32 years in the Canadian Security and Intelligence community including as an Executive responsible for developing cyber programs and as a member of a number of senior committees on the development of cyber security strategies at the national and international level.  He is now a consultant who has worked on the development of a major cyber security center to protect critical infrastructure.

Vassy Kapelos

Vassy Kapelos is a Canadian political journalist, currently the host of Power and Politics on CBC. She formerly worked as the Ottawa bureau chief for Global News and the host of that network's Sunday morning political affairs show, The West Block.

James Malizia

James Malizia is the Chief Security Officer at the Bank of Canada.  His former responsibilities include Assistant Commissioner with the RCMP Federal Policing Operations which involved oversight of national security, terrorism, serious and organized crime, corruption, financial crime and cyber-crime investigations as well as Protective Policing, Major Events Security and Aviation Security.  In recognition of his many contributions to the policing profession and service to the community, James is the recipient of several awards including Officer of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces as well as the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals.

Jonathan Manthorpe

Jonathan Manthorpe has worked for all Canada’s major newspapers and news groups. He has been a foreign correspondent, war correspondent, and international affairs commentator for 40 years, and has been posted in Europe, Africa and Asia. He is now a freelance columnist and commentator, but is focussing increasingly on writing books. While print journalism has been the central core of Manthorpe’s career, he has undertaken special projects for a number of governmental and non-government agencies. From 1980 to 1982 Manthorpe was part of a small team based in London to advise then Prime Minister The Right Honorable Pierre Trudeau on patriation of the Canadian Constitution. From 2003 to 2006 Manthorpe was a member of the Canada-Japan Forum advising the two prime ministers on ways to broaden and deepen bilateral relations.

Dave Masson

Dave Masson has spent over thirty years working primarily in fast moving national security environments; he currently works in cyber. His experience lies in the civilian, military and diplomatic worlds where he built a respected reputation in the identification and mitigation of risk.  Dave is a dual Canadian and UK citizen and holds an MA from Edinburgh University.

BGen (Retired) Robert Mazzolin

BGen (Ret’d) Mazzolin currently serves as the Chief Cyber Security Strategist for the RHEA Group, a space system engineering and security organization delivering security solutions to large enterprises, governments and institutions in Canada and Europe. He recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after serving as the Vice Director of Strategic Plans and Policy at United States Cyber Command at the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland.  Notable appointments include the Director General Information Management Operations responsible for all CAF and DND strategic network, signals intelligence, electronic warfare and cyber operations, Commander of the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group, Director Land Command Systems Program Management, Commanding Officer Canadian Forces Station Leitrim and Canadian Forces Signals Intelligence Operations Centre.  He served in a variety of other Command and Staff roles and was one of the Canadian Forces leading experts in Communications and Information systems, Signals Intelligence, Network Operations and Electronic Warfare.

Margaret McCuaig-Johnston

Margaret McCuaig-Johnston is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa and the China Institute, University of Alberta, as well as Distinguished Fellow with the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and Research Associate with Duke University in Kunshan China.  She served at the assistant deputy minister level at Canada’s Department of Finance, Natural Resources Canada, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and has had senior management positions at Industry Canada, the Prime Minister’s National Advisory Board on Science and Technology, and the Privy Council Office. For the last seven years of her government career, Margaret was a member of the Canada-China Joint Committee on Science and Technology.

Barbara Perry

Dr. Barbara Perry is a Professor in the Faculty of Social Science at Ontario Tech University, and Director of the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism.  She is especially interested in the area of right-wing extremism and is currently conducting a Public Safety Canada-funded three-year national study of right-wing extremism in Canada. Her latest book is Right Wing Extremism in Canada, written with fellow Canadian scholar Dr. Ryan Scrivens.

Evan Solomon
Keynote Speaker

Based in Ottawa, Evan Solomon is Bell Media Radio’s National Affairs Specialist, host of CTV’s weekly political journal of record, Question Period, and now host of CTV News Channel’s daily marquee political program, Power Play. Mr. Solomon is also the host of daily national radio program, newly titled Overview with Evan Solomon on iHeartRadio Canada. Born and raised in Toronto, Solomon is a two-time Gemini Award-winner and best-selling author who has covered federal and provincial politics, news, and current events for more than 15 years. Throughout his career, Solomon has interviewed many key political players, from prime ministers, world leaders, and U.S. presidents, to the Dalai Lama and Jimmy Carter, among others.

Yannick Veilleux-Lepage

Yannick Veilleux-Lepage is an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. He holds a doctorate in International Relations from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Dr Veilleux-Lepage is a Senior Fellow of the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Senior Research Associate of the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society. Prior to undertaking his doctoral studies, he worked as a senior intelligence analyst specializing in international terrorism and emerging threats for the Government of Canada.




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