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The SET Team: Director and Expert Instructors



Phil Gurski, the Security, Economics and Technology (SET) program Director, is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. ( and PDI SET Programme Director. He worked as a senior strategic analyst at CSIS  from 2001-2015, specializing in violent Islamist-inspired homegrown terrorism and radicalisation.  From 1983 to 2001 he was employed as a senior multilingual analyst at CSE, specialising in the Middle East.  He is the author of five books on terrorism, including his most recent When religion kills: how extremist justify violence through faith



John Gilmour enjoyed a 37-year career with the Government of Canada, at both the regional and headquarters levels, Working in Canada’s national security community, his expertise lies in strategic and policy advice regarding counter-terrorism (CT), counter-insurgency (COIN), the geopolitical implications of terrorism, and the assessment of government policy (domestic and international) on the conduct and delivery of national security mandates. BA from Carleton University (Ottawa) and a Masters and Ph.D from the War Studies program at Canada’s Royal Military College (Kingston).  Although recently retired, he continues to be retained as an advisor/analyst within Canada's national security agencies.




Alan Jones worked for 32 years in the Canadian Security and Intelligence community including as an Executive responsible for developing cyber programs and as a member of a number of senior committees on the development of cyber security strategies at the national and international level.  He is now a consultant who has worked on the development of a major cyber security center to protect critical infrastructure.



Alan McCafferty
 is a highly skilled and successful Strategic Consultant with 25+ years of progressive experience working with start-ups, multi-national and public organizations.  Educated in Canada, the USA and Europe in multiple disciplines including Engineering, Business, and Risk Management, he’s authored more than 25 white papers and holds a Canada Award for Excellence. As a lead consultant Alan, has delivered highly complex and critical technology projects ranging in value from $10M to $1.3B, by working effectively with international multi-disciplinary teams and stakeholders.  His work as a business strategist has been in risk management, business analytics, information governance and security, business continuity, cybercrime, cyberterrorism, strategic planning and performance based systems for public and private organizations with 4 employees to 1,000+ employees.  Alan is the founder of The Strategic Consulting Group an Ottawa based strategic advisory analytics firm, sought after by private corporations and all levels of governments in Canada and abroad.




Dave McMahon has an honours degree in computer engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and 35 years experience in defence, security and intelligence.  Dave was a CSO, COO to defence, telecommunications and intelligence organizations, co-chair or the Interdepartmental Committee on Information Warfare, expert witness to the Senate and special advisor to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and intelligence oversight and review. Dave is currently the Chair of the CADSI cyber council, and the CEO of Clairvoyance Cyber Corp.




Minke Meijnders is an expert in Strategic Foresight, focusing on geopolitics, geo-economics and international security issues. She is a former Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, the leading think tank on international relations in the Netherlands. In this function, she co-headed the Strategic Foresight Programme of the Security Unit and was part of the Dutch Network of Safety and Security Analyst. Ms. Meijnders has a background in International Politics and International Security Studies.



Daniel M. Stanton served for thirty-two years with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, including twelve years as an Executive Manager in operations. Mr. Stanton had a lengthy career in counterintelligence, counter-proliferation, and counterterrorism, with recognized expertise in human source recruitment, handling, validation, and training.  Mr. Stanton is President of Promethean Intelligence Consulting, a leader in the development of Insider Threat risk assessments for private and public sectors, and for practical performance measurements in time-sensitive and legally compliant environments. A graduate of Queens University, Mr. Stanton has an Honours B.A. in History and Philosophy.


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