SET General Certificate

Complete 60 hours by attending any SET events or courses to receive a Certificate from the Professional Development Institute. Please note courses completed, in 2017 or later, under the former Security Policy Institute (SPI) umbrella also qualify for this Certificate.

  • one-day SET course provides 6 hours towards a SET Certificate.
  • two-day SET course provides 12 hours towards a SET Certificate.
  • three-day SET course provides 18 hours towards a SET Certificate.
  • An asynchonous SET course provides indicated hours towards a SET Certificate.
  • Morning Brief or Lunch & Learn SET event provides 1 hour towards a SET Certificate.​

Please note that if you have attended any of the CASIS West Coast Security Conferences, you can apply a maximum of 20 hours toward this certificate.

You have three years from the start date of your first course or event to complete the certificate program. Provided you complete all courses or events within three years, you can pace your learning as you wish.

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