Program Curriculum

The Certificate in Program Leadership (CPL) is intended for executives, mid to senior-level program managers and senior officers looking to acquire the strategic skillset and tools needed to deliver large, multifaceted programs in a changing and innovative government environment.

The curriculum answers public sector needs based on proven best practices in public and private sector organizations.

Ten in-depth modules provide participants with the opportunity to focus on complex program management discipline using proven principles, strategies and results for leading large-scale efforts that include parallel project delivery typically governed by a simple management structure.

The cohort delivers 2 modules per month over a 4-month period.  The cohort meets for a day of instruction and interactive learning every two weeks and each module consists of 1-2 days of coursework. Throughout the program, participants complete assignments and evaluations to validate learning and ultimately earn the Certificate in Program Leadership.

Participants who successfully complete the program are entitled to use the Certified Program Leader designation in pursuing their careers in the public sector.

Upcoming Cohort

Registration is now open for the third cohort of this program which starts in January 2020.

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