New Courses at PDI

Management and Leadership (view all offerings)

Creative Workplaces

Financial Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Finance and Budget Management for Non-Financial Managers

Action-Oriented Leadership Positively Impacts Productivity

Leadership vs. Management, People vs. Employees

The Fundamentals of Leadership in Today’s World

Performance Management that Builds Success for Everyone

Project Management (view all offerings)

Agile Project Management

Project Procurement Management

Developing an Effective Project Business Case

Change Management: An Essential Leadership Skill

Introduction to PRINCE2

Stage Gating

Communication and Writing (view all offerings)

Storytelling: The Secret Weapon of Communication

Interview like a Pro: Media Training for Spokespeople

Contentious Issue Management and Crisis Communications

Creative Strategy: Words, Sounds and Images that Generate Impact

Research Methods for Strategic Communicators

Strategic Communication Planning using the CARE Model

Writing About Science and Social Science for the Public

Oral and Comprehension Proficiency Level C Test Prep

Oral and Comprehension Skills Level B Test Prep


Knowledge and Innovation (view all offerings)

Sharing Knowledge Inside Your Organization

Visual Management for Working Teams

Analytics to Support Evidence-Based Governance

Introduction to Data Science

Knowledge Management for Public Service - Introduction

Knowledge Management for Public Service – Advanced Practices

Design Thinking - Feel, Think, Imagine, Build, Test

Collaboration (view all offerings)

Organizational Behaviour

Workplace Culture, Creativity and Engagement through Play

Personal Development (view all offerings)

Women at Work: Positioning Your Career for Success

Healthy Boundaries: Becoming Present to What Serves Your Best Self

Business Process Improvement (view all offerings)

Business Process Improvement - Problem Soving Tools

Business Process Improvement - Process Mapping

Security, Economics and Technology (view all offerings)

Terrorism in Canada: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Moles, Mass Leakers and Messiahs: Insider Threat and the Psychological Pathways to Betrayal

Introduction to Cybersecurity

A Convergence of Disruptors 2020 **Conference**

Canada and the Cyber Challenge

Cybersecurity Management and Implementation 

Cyber Futures

Strategic Dynamics and Issues in the Middle East

Intelligence in Strategy and National Security Policymaking

Cyber Defence Against the Dark Arts

Cyber Security Pragmatics / Essentials for Business and Government

Operating Securely in High Risk Environments 

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