Music Pedagogy Program Overview

The Institute offers four micro programs via professional training in stackable intensive short courses meaning learning can be customized in a single program or across several and each micro program uses a well-recognized musical education approach. Certification is achieved by completing units in one or more micro programs. 

The four micro programs offered are:

  • OrKidstra Teaching Artistry
  • Music for Students with Special Needs
  • Music and Movement (Dalcroze Eurythmics pedagogy) 
  • Teaching Instrumental Music to Young Children (Suzuki method)

Children learning music
Micro program courses offered by the Institute are designed as:

  • Micro-modules: One 12-hour intensive workshop (1 unit)
  • Full modules: Three 12-hour intensive workshops (3 units)
  • Practicum: 90 hours of supervised experience in the workplace over four or eight months (3 units)

The five micro programs consist of practical workshops on a variety of selected topics, whose subtitles vary according to the focus of the workshop offered. The workshops, delivered as course modules, will generally have a duration of one weekend (12 contact hours for a micro-module) or three weekends (36 contact hours for a full module). The length of the workshop will be based on the complexity of the proposed outcome, with a micro-module being worth one unit and a full module, three units.

The learning outcomes for the workshops include the following:

  • Learning and applying practical skills related to music education; and
  • Keeping up-to-date with new theories, skills and applications in music education.

Specific learning outcomes for workshops will vary according to topics and be further developed in each outline. 

Normally offered during a condensed weekend, the workshops may also be offered over longer periods (for example 2½ hours per day for one week). There may be a delay between the end of the course and the delivery of a final assignment or project, depending on the evaluation methods adopted for the workshop concerned.

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