Leveraging Community Resources for Plurilingual Classrooms

Course Prerequisite

Workshop #1:Plurilingual Approaches to ELT is mandatory in order to register for this workshop. 


This is the seventh workshop in a professional development series for language educators on plurilingualism as a theoretical and practitioner-driven approach to supporting learners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. In this workshop, we examine how community resources can be integrated into the plurilingual classroom to support multilingual students and to raise awareness of community linguistic diversity. Workshop content will include pedagogical strategies for intercultural exchange and practical activities to support learner identity formation and negotiation.  


Topic Relevance

  • Educators that teach English (or other languages) as a second language and are looking for pedagogic strategies to enhance individual students proficiency and academic achievement but also want to support the development of home languages and cultural identity.

  • Educators that work with English language learners and are interested in promoting linguistic diversity and whole language development but are unfamiliar with pedagogic approaches that can enhance all students’ language awareness and inter-cultural competence.

  • Educators that are looking to create more inclusive classrooms to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity
    of the community but don't have knowledge on plurilingual principles for curricular integration and design
    4 Brighstpace.



This workshop seeks to:

  • Develop awareness of home languages as a resource to target language development

  • Guide educators in making space for learners' home languages in the classroom

  • Propose practical strategies and projects to involve parents and community members in classroom and school activities

  • Introduce different types of multilingual texts that can be integrated into classroom learning

  • Assist educators in creating their own plurilingual resources and materials



  • TESOL AND SECOND LANGUAGE EDUCATORS (and educators who work with language learners)


Delivery Mode


  • This workshop will take place virtually.



Gene Vasilopoulos has a Ph.D. in Second Language Education from the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa. She has been teaching English in Canada and abroad for over 15 years. More recently, her professional focus has shifted to language teacher education, professional development for pre-service and in-service language teachers, and the integration of technology in language teaching. Her research interests include e-pedagogy, language teaching methods, and critical applied linguistics.  Most recently, her work has appeared in E-Learning and Digital Media, the Canadian Modern Language Review and TESL-EJ.





November 22, 2021                                             Delivery Mode: Online                                   


18:00 - 21:00 (EDT)                                              Fee $400.00                                                                                                                    





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If you have any questions before beginning or as you progress through the workshop.

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