HERoes - Accelerator for Womxn Leaders

HERoes – An innovative and targeted learning platform for womxn empowerment and leadership.

The University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute (PDI) is partnering with MindBridge Ai and Willis College to address the gender inequity challenge confronting the AI and Cybersecurity workforce. 

Womxn make up less than 20 percent of the workforce, which further exacerbates the talent shortage and skills crisis faced in both industries. This public-private partnership offers an innovative learning platform to drive competencies and leadership as a pathway toward increasing the number of womxn in these evolving fields. 

Empowering future womxn leaders to change the world

Launching in November 2019, the HERoes program identifies young leaders on university and college campuses to work towards increasing the number of womxn in leadership roles through real-world experience and mentorship.  Through a combined academic-industry partnership, HERoes participants learn the people and business skills necessary to take charge of technology, backed by the lessons and experience of real-world use cases. Working together, HERoes partner organizations design the curriculum and goals to empower young womxn in forging their path towards leadership. Candidates identified as emerging talents based on outstanding academic performance and community involvement followed a rigourous evaluation and interview process from which 30 were selected for the inaugural 2019 program.

Over the course of two academic years, these young womxn will augment their knowledge and leadership skills through one day-modules and learning bootcamps mentored by industry leaders and, upon successful completion of the program, receive Womxn in Leadership Certification. 

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