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advanced project management    Workplace writing    knowledge management

Business Process improvements    Controllership leadership development program    Nextgen cio program

Professional development Certificate in Security     Advanced Certificat in Threats, Risks and National Security     advanced certificate in information and cyber security

communication and Marketing     strategic communication and change program    Client service excellence

certificate in health and wellness in the workplace     Coding for Veterans Program     Cost-Benefit Analysis




As fall progresses, Team PDI are working hard preparing and adding the courses to our website in to Spring/Summer 2022.

                           Our commitment and belief in the importance of accessible, quality, expert-led, lifelong learning  means
                           that as COVID restrictions lift PDI is committed to continuing to offer online courses in addition to relaunching
                           our in-class sessions.

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Upcoming Sessions

The Institute is pleased to provide you with the institutes most in-demand courses through our online distance learning program!

Check out our upcoming sessions page to learn more about our distance learning courses.

PDI's distance learning digital sessions will be delivered live via Zoom or Adobe Connect.







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