Cyber Solutions Series

What is the Cyber Solutions Series?

The University of Ottawa PDI Cyber Solution Series is an opportunity for PDI participants, and others, to hear experts from within cyber security talk about real world situations and the security challenges that they faced. These “interview style” talks will focus on how they dealt with these security problems, in real terms with real solutions – told by real people who have lived it!






 Upcoming Events



 Cyber Security Literacy Workshop will be held October 1st and the speaker is Alan McCaffertyCyber Security Literacy Workshop will be held October 13 and the speaker is Mark Hearn Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on the Cyber Security Sector will be held October 20 and the speaker is to be announced       Information Security Management - Lessons learned from how a security company secures itself will be held October 27 and the speaker is Peter Oggel



Security in the United Nations: what can be learned about staying and delivering in high-threat environments will be held November 17 and the speaker is Paul Farrell



Building it Right: Zero Trust CIAM to Deliver Engaging, Secure Digital Experiences While Reducing Risk will be held December 8 and the speaker is Even O'Regan                                                                                                                                 










Cyber Security Literacy Workshop will be held January 18 and the speaker is Mark Hearn


The Speakers






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