Cyber Month 2021: Tips and Tricks

  1. Keep your PC and devices up to date! Every day, millions of dollars are being spent by the world’s biggest tech companies to discover, and correct, vulnerabilities in their products – products that you use as part of your everyday life. Yet, all their work is useless unless you update your applications and/or device software! The easiest way to stay safe is to turn on auto updates.

  2. Own your Online Reputation! It may seem like social media is your own little cozy corner of the internet, but remember, in truth, you are living in a glass house - all of your details are visible to anyone looking. To protect yourself, assume everything is open, your personal information is being used by others – both Social Media companies, and “darker” users looking to exploit you for their own gain. Keep regularly updated on your social media security settings, always think before you post, and always question who you are sharing your details with.

  3. Public WiFi – Should I or Shouldn’t I? When you are out-and-about, it may be tempting to use the free WiFi instead of paying for “yet more data” on our cellphone or hotspot, but think twice – how much is your privacy worth? Always make sure that you are using the most secure internet connection, and if possible, save the sensitive web surfing (i.e. Online Banking) for when you return to a network that you trust!

  4. Breaches and attack are rare, right? Think again! Use the following web resources to shed light on cyber security realities. To verify if your email has been breached: and see live attacks around the world in real time:


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