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The Centre on the Future of Government: Public sector leadership for tomorrow

The Professional Development Institute has provided recognized career learning on-demand to tens of thousands of decision-makers in the public service to advance their knowledge and career prospects.

The Centre on the Future of Government program (previously i-Government) adds depth and breadth to this professional development, and convenes specialty sessions on today's vital topics under Chatham House rules for senior public sector leaders, drawing on Canadian and international experts. 



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About the Centre

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The Centre on the Future of Government will enhance public sector leadership development by tapping into vast networks of subject matter experts from Canada and internationally to foster impactful dialogue and knowledge exchange for government professionals. Tens of thousands of public sector decision makers have looked to the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute over the years for professional development courses, events, and related activities, to advance their knowledge and acquire new tools to manage their organizations in the context of a rapidly changing environment.

The University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute created the Centre on the Future of Government to deliver an expanded offering of conferences, seminars and keynote presentations of particular interest to decision makers, with a strong focus on current issues of strategic importance to the evolution of the federal government. With the support of key sponsors, the Centre on the Future of Government convenes the best subject matter experts to address current and emerging issues and governance challenges faced by public sector leaders working in a rapidly changing environment.

With its locational advantage at the heart of the nation's capital, the Centre on the Future of Government is uniquely positioned to convene federal government professionals in a forum setting where they can exchange views and confer with Canadian and international experts on a variety of topics and emerging trends. 



"The Centre on the Future of Government is a recognized hub of professional development and advancement for the next generation public sector."

Jacques Frémont, President, University of Ottawa


Advisory Council

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Upcoming Conferences and Events

Programming at the Centre on the Future of Government evolves as issues emerge. Events such as conferences, seminars, discussion groups and keynote presentations are designed to inform leaders and policy makers at all levels of government.






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