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Plurilingualism in Language Education Professional Development Series

  • This workshop series introduces language teachers to the notion of plurilingualism as a theoretical and practitioner-driven approach to support learners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The workshops bridge the latest in language theory and research with practical application through  the design of pedagogical strategies that can be implemented into daily teaching practices. Language teachers, teachers of linguistically diverse students, and aspiring educators are encouraged to participate in this interactive online program. Click the link to learn more


Foundations of Clinical Supervision

  • This 30-hour course is offered online as a self-directed reading course on clinical supervision. The course is organized into 4 modules, each with 3-4 units of study. Each module ends with a short quiz that relates directly to the material covered in the module. The course modules are as follows:

    • ​Supervision models

    • Process issues in supervision

    • Ethical and professional issues in supervision

    • Evaluation, monitoring, and gatekeeping role

    • Knowledge and transmission of clinical skills

    • Performance of supervision




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