What Makes this Program Different?

It recognizes that change has become a core competency.

“The program has helped me define how we communicate in today’s environment and how communications can support change.”

– Monika Mazur, Shared Services Canada

As the first certificate-based professional leadership experience focused on the intersection between strategic communications and change, the program recognizes that the ability to enable and facilitate change has become one of the most sought after, high-value skills and differentiators in organizations today.  The program provides a platform for you to explore your role as an agent of change and build your capacity and abilities in order to raise your game as a critical contributor.

It provides an opportunity to share common challenges among your peers

As part of an SCC program cohort, you learn among a carefully selected group of your peers, in a confidential, supportive, and relatable environment.

“Being able to share challenges that I experience in the workplace with people that are experiencing literally the same thing on a daily basis, breaking down the challenges and strategizing solutions together, has helped me tremendously back at my own job.”

– Lindsay Amundsen, Canada’s Building Trades Unions

Through real-time plenary exercises and guided discussion, you have the opportunity to share common challenges and experiences, tapping into a community of practitioners in order to access new insights and fresh perspectives. 

The program provides you with a safe environment to stretch your thinking, challenge some of your assumptions and step up to new levels of performance bolstered by the insights and shared experience of your peers.


It offers you access to world-class, practical frameworks and methodologies

While most programs in the change management or strategic communications space focus on one methodology, the Strategic Communications & Change Program introduces you to a wide range of processes and frameworks to expand your discovery.

The program offers access to the Results Map®, a proprietary best practice methodology for strategic communications and change management used world-wide and based on the philosophy that how we work is at least as important as what we do as practitioners. As part of the program’s curriculum you’ll gain access to the Results Map® System including 9 knowledge products, and over 80 tools, templates and samples for 12 months. You’ll also benefit from the guidance and capacity building of the Results Map® Change Agent's Toolkit.

In order to provide a richness of content and a diverse range of tools and methodologies, you will also be introduced to frameworks from across the disciplines of communications and change, including:

  • Conner Partners’ change execution methodology
  • Henry Mintzberg’s Coaching Ourselves peer coaching methodology
  • Luc Galoppin’s Social Architecture model
  • Jennifer Frahm’s conversations of change
  • Edgar Schein’s approach to consultative skills and culture change
  • Wharton School of Business’ organizational change process
  • Kurt Lewin’s model for Force Field Analysis
  • Margaret Wheatley’s approach to community
  • Prosci’s ADKAR framework
  • Agile and lean methodologies for change

You’ll also be connected to a comprehensive online Resource Centre that includes a curated collection of readings, tools, videos and articles – bringing the world’s best in change management and communications thinking to your desktop.

Is the Strategic Communications & Change program right for you?

The SCC program is designed to address the particular challenges of mid to senior level professionals working in the public or para-public sector (e.g. associations, NGOs, not-for-profits, institutes).

If you are:

  • A Communications director, manager or officer
  • An HR director, manager or officer with a mandate to support and enable change
  • A change management professional or agent of change

And want to:

  • Solidify your knowledge of communications and change best practices through an online modular format of practical instruction, worksheets, resources and exercises
  • Gain new skills and insights in the connective space of strategic communications and change
  • Learn from others who share similar challenges in influencing and enabling change

Apply now for the next cohort and share in this unique online leadership development opportunity.



The program is designed around a combination of practical instruction, hands-on exercises, case studies and peer learning.

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