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"The course provides us with in-class training, but then equips us with all the tools so we can go back to the office and apply those tools. Because the course takes place over a number of days, we can apply what we’ve learned slowing and come back and ask questions if we have difficulty or things don’t work out exactly as we thought they would. It gives you the whole structure to meet your strategic communications objectives."   

- Marie Danielle Vachon, Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner


"I particularly appreciate hearing from peers in both the public and private sectors in such a friendly and safe environment." 

- Monika Mazur, Shared Services Canada


"Being around such a quality and diverse group and working through all the various case studies and feeding off each other’s best practices, tips and tricks has been so helpful.  To be able to bring that back into your workplace I think is just paramount." 

- Leah Arsenault, Competency-Based Medical Education,
University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine


"Learning from other people’s experiences to see that I’m not the only one that’s going through this – it’s nice to see that there are others, and even finding solutions to some of the problems together, has been really great." 

- Cindy Orti, Treasury Board Secretariat​


"Public sector communications is challenging - stakeholders and audiences are multifaceted and have competing interests. Information must be delivered in a transparent, timely fashion, through a multitude of channels.  Communicators' time is precious and resources are finite. 

The communications community of the Government of the Northwest Territories needed a practical, compelling and outcome-driven approach to communications planning and execution that could meet these challenges head-on.  The Results Map approach gave us exactly that. 

The process is deceptively simple and is built upon a rock solid foundation of rigorous communications planning.  The outcome is instant, repeatable, strategic communications.  Every GNWT communicator has been trained in this methodology - and through it we aim to deliver meaningful, accessible, focused information and communication products to the citizens we serve.

Caroline Kealey is a dynamic, engaging and insightful teacher and mentor who brings a fresh perspective on communicating in the 21st century.  Her enthusiasm is absolutely genuine and entirely infectious - and the results are compelling."

- Zoe Raemer, Director, Corporate Communications,
Government of the Northwest Territories

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The program is designed around a combination of practical instruction, hands-on exercises, case studies and peer learning.

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