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"What a priviledge to be in this ground-breaking course that intersects strategic communications and change management. You have created something magical that gives participants a whole new skill set and approach to the way we work allowing us to learn from the best and to take these new skills back to our organizations. I loved every minute of it."

-- Phoebe Dey, VP Communications & Marketing, Alberta Cancer Foundation

The Strategic Communications & Change Program explores how communications can fuel an organization’s transformation agenda.

The program is a certificate-based leadership experience that builds capacity, confidence and capabilities in the interconnected space of strategic communications and change management. Through a combination of practical instruction, hands-on exercises, case studies, peer learning, and coaching, the program equips you with the mindset, tools, skills and knowledge required to raise your game as an indispensable contributor within your organization.

You’ll learn practical frameworks to help contribute to the successful execution of change in your organization by building understanding, commitment and alignment through communications.

Through your participation in the program, you will gain:

  • Practical tools and templates to develop a Change Management Plan and a Change Communications Plan
  • Insights on how to do strategic planning in a world that won’t stop changing
  • Advanced best practices in change communications, supported by a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, worksheets and samples
  • A methodology to improve your consultative skills and avoid the traps inherent in working in a high risk, high stakes change environment
  • A Culture Change Workbook to guide your initiatives in addressing cultural transformation
  • A framework for evaluating communications and change execution results
  • Access to an extraordinary team of guest speakers, including a change sponsor recognized with a global change management award
  • An unparalleled suite of resources and tools in change management and strategic change communications including the Change Agent's Toolkit and Results Map Handbook for Strategic Communications and Change

In an environment deliberately designed to encourage and enable learning through doing, the ISCC provides a unique forum for mid- and senior-level professionals to uncover clarity in concepts, find new ways to get “unstuck” from every day challenges, and to bring practical value that can immediately be applied, back to your workplace.  

Before applying it may be necessary to convince your organisation of the benefits of participating in the program. This link provides helpful tips for the business case for attending the program. The Business Case for the Strategic Communications & Change Program.

Led by Caroline Kealey, an internationally recognized practitioner in strategic communications and change and featuring a variety of expert speakers, the program offers experiential learning that’s not available anywhere else.

Program Schedule

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“The first day was akin to the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. I felt I had discovered a trove of fundamental information to guide me through planning, delivering and evaluating our office’s communications efforts.”

- Marie Danielle Vachon, Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner

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What Makes the Program Different?

Through experiential learning, the program allows you to share common challenges and experiences with your peers, tapping into a community of practitioners to access new insights and fresh perspectives. Read More

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