Payment and Cancellation Policy

1. Payment of registration fees

Full payment is required upon reception of admission offer.  Candidates will receive an email invoice from the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute with their offer of admission.

2. Withdrawal from the program

  • Withdrawal from the program must be provided in writing at
  • An organization may submit the name of another candidate as a replacement, prior to the start date. The proposed new candidate’s profile will be evaluated by the Program Director.
  • The program is scheduled to launch on November 3, 2020 with the formal orientation session. Candidates who withdraw their application before October 21, 2020 will get a full refund. Candidates who withdraw their application after October 21, 2020, but before November 3, 2020, will be charged a $950 administrative fee.

3. Program confirmation

The Professional Development Institute will officially confirm the start of the program as soon as sufficient applications have been received, but no less than 2 weeks before the scheduled start of the program.

4. Attendance requirements

Participation in all scheduled activities of the program (workshops, action learning groups) is mandatory in order to obtain the University of Ottawa Certificate of Professional Development.  Exceptional circumstances will have to be discussed with the Program Director.  Individual accommodations will incur extra costs.

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