<p>Professional Development Institute</p>

Culture does not belong to an organization or its directors. It belongs to its community. Every member owns a share and decides how that share is managed. That’s why culture can’t change by mandate. Culture can only change through a movement.

Culture is a guidance system for human behavior, especially in the workplace. Everything you might want from a member of your team originates with the wisdom and resources provided by culture - even if you don’t want them to, employees draw from your culture direction for all their daily decisions. Where you provide flexibility and where you keep things constant and consistent define how your people respond to crisis, how they solve problems, and how they draw on each other’s strengths to be successful.

This online program explores the (sometimes incomprehensible) subject of workplace culture. This course provides practical ways to make what is aspirational about your culture real, regular, and instinctive to your team.


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