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The Covid-19 pandemic is a major worldwide disruptive crisis, and it affects our daily life, society and economy in an unprecedented way. Many of the consequences that might emerge from this crisis are still unknown. This leads to a high level of uncertainty in several policy domains.


In this highly interactive course, we will explore how we can use Strategic Foresight to better prepare for change in the national security domain. By applying a scenario methodology, we will explore the key uncertainties and driving forces that will shape our future. We will develop several scenarios and discuss the potential impact, specifically on national security. Furthermore, we will learn how to use horizon scanning to look beyond the immediate horizon and identify potential developments that could influence the future. 


We will also look back: in hindsight, did we foresee a pandemic, and were we right about the expected impact on national security? Where were we wrong and which lessons can we draw from that?


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