Trends in Social Media: Applied Governance in Real-Time

Social media has acquired an enhanced role in governance and the development of public policy. From citizens lining up take selfies with the Prime Minister of Canada to diplomacy-by-twitter by the President of the United States, the stream of data moving across our personal mobile devices and office workstations has moved from a peripheral distraction to a major source of influence.  The challenge for policy analysts and program specialists is keeping up and determining what is useful (or not). More and faster is the norm, yet many of us do not have an adequate understanding of the trends that dominate our emerging social media relationships.

This workshop has two major goals.  The first is to present trends in social media as they affect current government programs and systems.  The second is how to use frameworks and models to predict the dominant directions these trends are moving in, to anticipate and build to necessary capacity to maximise the opportunities emerging. Participants will engage with several monitoring platforms, view examples of good use in a range of policy and program environments, and use frameworks to make possible recommendations to senior management.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Why use social media to assist in developing and providing public services?

  • Systems to engage in social media monitoring and trend analysis

  • Examples of emerging best practices and lessons learned

  • Emerging trends that are transforming public expectations

  • Tools and platforms in current use and anticipated trends

  • Public service Directors, Managers and mid-level program and policy public servants who need to better understand how social media is changing their work environments
  • Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and Municipal public service employees

Peter Norman Levesque, KSJ, MA, is a consultant, teacher and social entrepreneur based in Ottawa. He has over thirty years of experience working with the public, private and non-profit sectors on issues of innovation, strategy and knowledge sharing. His career has included success as an entrepreneur, a leader in creating research and knowledge mobilization programs and a founder of many non-profit organizations. He has served as deputy director of knowledge products and mobilization at SSHRC, knowledge exchange specialist at CHEO and chair of knowledge management at the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. He currently serves on several boards of non-profit organizations. When not teaching at the University of Ottawa, he serves as president of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization and maintains a busy consulting practice. Peter is an experienced and sought after speaker, facilitator, and commentator on issues of education, research, knowledge and strategy.

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Trends in Social Media: Applied Governance in Real-Time
March 17, 2021
9:00 - 16:00

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