Strategic Thinking

In today’s dynamic and highly complex global economy, it is critically important for leaders in government, business and the not-for-profit sectors to be strategic thinkers. Whether the objective is to introduce a new product line or develop a new policy direction, decision makers or managers supporting the decision-making process must be able to systematically identify the goals, emerging opportunities, and possible obstacles.

This course introduces students to a disciplined approach to thinking about challenges and devising the best course of action to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Participants will also gain a better insight into their own strategic thinking skills – are they up to par or could they use some enhancement?

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • What is Strategic Thinking? Why is it important?

  • Essential Traits of a Strategic Thinker

  • Essential success factors

  • Self-assessment - Faults or pitfalls to avoid - How to enhance personal strategic thinking abilities

  • • Step-by-step Strategic Thinking Process – How to ensure you have the resources and the approach needed to arrive at strategic solutions

  • Practical exercises that illustrate the key concepts

  • The course is ideal for leaders or aspiring leaders who have a responsibility to contribute to strategic planning in their organization. The content is appropriate for those who are relatively new to the work world and for more experienced staff who wish to improve or refresh their strategic thinking skills.


Bernard Gauthier, PhD brings more than 35 years of strategic communication work with clients, including the Government of Canada, national associations and private sector organizations. He has also trained hundreds of clients in different aspects of communication and strategic planning. Bernard has conducted research into strategy and strategic planning and used the findings to develop a unique and highly effective model for strategic planning he called the CARE Model. That model became the basis for his 2018 book Strategic Communication in Canada and has been used to develop powerful strategic and strategic communication plans for clients across Canada. Bernard has taught at Carleton University and the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Conestoga College.

"Amazing course! Amazing instructor! Thank you."

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Strategic Thinking (Online session)
April 7, 8, 2022
9:00 - 12:00
Strategic Thinking (Classroom session)
June 6, 2022
9:00 - 16:00


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