Specialized Workshop on Musicians’ Wellness II - Mental Wellness 4392D

This class is the second part of the Workshop in Musicians’ Mental Wellness series, the first part of which took place in the Fall semester.

Despite being a continuation of the Fall workshops, this class can be taken without having attended the first segment. The content will be distinct from the previous course and both new and returning students are welcome!

Performance anxiety is common among musicians, and the need for specialized training and treatment is on the rise. These courses are taught by health professionals who have special experience in treating musicians and who will provide practical and theoretical knowledge to help musicians with the mental aspects of performance. These workshops are designed to equip musicians with knowledge and the tools to improve their mental well-being in relation to their instrument. Mindfulness training, performance skills coaching, Feldenkrais method, and yoga will be used to introduce musicians to mindfulness practices, mental skills for both on and off-stage, and strategies for preventing and managing the physical and mental aspects of performance anxiety. The content of these workshops is applicable to a wide variety of musicians and instrumental groups.

This course will be delivered via distance learning (Zoom platform). You will receive further information about how the class will be run, as well as the link to access the virtual classroom, prior to the start date. Please note that this course will be taking place in real time, with the opportunity to interact with the instructor through the Zoom interface.

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  • Mindfulness and Meditation, Part III, and Goal Setting for Performance Excellence & Pre-Performance Planning (March 13th, 9am-4pm)

  • Mindfulness and Meditation, Part IV, and Putting It All Together & Imagery for Performance Excellence (March 27th, 9am-4pm)

  • Feldenkrais for Musicians, and Yoga for Musicians (April 10th, 9am-4pm)

  • Any musician interested in learning more about mental health and strategies to reduce playing-related stress, increase mindfulness, and improve performance.

 Jillian Beacon, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Carolyn Christie, Performance Skills Coach

Michael Fahey, Yoga Instructor

Evelyn Tan, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

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