Specialized Workshop in Music Education II - Special Music Education: Behavioural Challenges (4372 A/HC)

As awareness of educational and recreational possibilities for students with special needs grows, an increasing number of music teachers are being asked to take on students with various exceptionalities. To be able to bring these students to their full potential, it is vital for music teachers to have an understanding of the disorders, how they impact the learning process, and strategies that can be effective in minimizing that impact and helping students to flourish. In the following courses, music teachers will become equipped to support students of all abilities in a studio or classroom setting. 

Many diagnoses include behavioural issues that can create challenges in the learning environment. Understanding the causes for these behaviours is key to supporting students and creating the conditions that allow students to reach their potential in music learning. Participants will learn about the biological, environmental and psychological roots of behavioural issues; how to identify the various functions of behaviour and develop strategies to address the needs of the student; and how to establish a framework for behavioural support in a music education setting.

This course will be delivered via distance learning using the Zoom platform. You will receive further information about how the class will be run, as well as the link to access the virtual classroom, prior to the start date. The course takes place in real time, with the opportunity to interact with the instructor through the Zoom interface.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Three separate workshops explore and delve into the special needs of musicians

  • Any musician or music teacher interested in learning more about students with special needs and gaining strategies to support students of all abilities in a studio or classroom setting.

Dr. Erin Parkes, Phd. received her Bachelor of Music, Master of Arts in Musicology, and Graduate Certificate in Piano Pedagogy Research from the University of Ottawa. She completed a PhD in Music Education from McGill University in 2015, where she researched how to effectively train studio music teachers to work with students with autism. Dr. Parkes has been teaching music since 1996 and has worked with students of all ages in a variety of settings. She presents at conferences and guest lectures throughout North America and internationally on teaching music to students with special needs and other issues in music education.

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