The Public Sector Business Case

What does a solid public sector business case look like? During this full-day workshop, you will learn about the modern fundamentals of preparing a public sector business case.  We will explore the challenges of measuring benefits, including the public good, examine best practices from other jurisdictions and develop ideas and approaches based on participants’ and other examples. You will assess strong and weak business cases, and, through a live case study, develop an outline and key elements of an actual business case submission.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • What is a business case?

  • Why it is relevant in the public sector?

  • If it’s not worth measuring it’s not worth doing

  • Achieving strategic alignment

  • Business case template

  • Quantitative and qualitative costs and benefits

  • Calculating the public good

  • Developing and analyzing options

  • Factoring in risk

  • Harvesting the benefits

  • Anyone who wants or needs to prepare the rationale for a public sector investment. Examples will likely be drawn from infrastructure, information technology and cultural institutions.

Bob Plamondon FCPA, FCA is a consultant with expertise in the fields of strategic planning, organizational transformation, performance management, finance, and public policy.  His numerous public sector business case projects include investments in cultural organizations and for the transformation of a federal department.  As a board member for a federal Crown corporation Bob is on the receiving end of business case proposals.

Rob Collins
is a technology executive with more than 35 years experience.  He is co-author of The Value Imperative:  Harvesting Value From Your IT Initiatives.   He was the Chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on eGovernment for the City of Ottawa. In 2013, Rob was Transitional CIO for the City of Ottawa where he was brought in to change that organization’s approach to IT. To do this, he implemented a new planning model, new governance process and reorganized the IT department. Rob spent twenty years with Cognos, Inc., including roles as product line Vice-President and Chief Information Officer.

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The Public Sector Business Case
February 8, 2019
9:00 - 16:00

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