Postural Awareness/Restorative Yoga for Musicians Posture (3105D)

A series of four workshops that educate musicians and actors on healthful postural habits by bringing awareness to pelvic alignment, core stability, flexibility, and muscle imbalances specific to the individual. The workshop approach uses techniques from both yoga and QiGong to emphasize mindful breathing and body awareness. The poses and movements are chosen for their restorative functions to promote gradual postural adjustment through increased awareness rather than to promote fitness or strength training.

The small class size allows for individualized attention for participants with the goal of finding strategies for each musician and actor to deal with the postural challenges posed to them by their specific instrument.

Preference is given to practitioners associated with the Center for Musicians’ Wellness.

This course is given on the University of Ottawa campus at 50 University, in multiple rooms - please note which portion is given in which room. 

  • January 12, 50 University, Perez Hall, Room 109 (1pm--4pm) 
  • January 26, 50 University, Perez Hall, Room 109 (1pm--4pm) 
  • March 22, 50 University, Perez Hall, Room 302 (1pm-4pm) 
  • March 29, 50 University, Perez Hall, Room 302 (1pm-4pm)  
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Healthful postural habit education

  • Pelvic alignment and core stability awareness

  • Identification of flexibility and muscle imbalance

  • Yoga and QiGong techniques and poses to emphasize mindful breathing and body awareness

  • Musicians and actors interested in learning more about healthful postural habits


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