Polish Up Your French Listening and Speaking Skills

Preparation for the Public Service Oral Interaction Test


If your confidence in your French listening and speaking skills has not kept pace with your reading and writing in French, this workshop is for you. It will focus on (1) your comprehension of verbal communications (ranging from short and simple, to longer and more complex messages and dialogues), (2) your listening and speaking strategies and techniques, and (3) your French oral skills, based on a recognized method which enables all participants to put their knowledge into practice.

This workshop targets not only refinement of your pronunciation skills, but also improvement of your lexical and grammatical accuracy, and content organization of your oral communications. To further these objectives, this workshop is conducted in a multimedia room where participants can do exercises aimed at refinement of these different aspects of French listening and speaking skills.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Effective comprehension strategies and techniques

  • Listening practice from recordings (challenging word identification, distinctions, comprehension)

  • Review of relevant grammatical and lexical rules

  • Evaluation of oral comprehension skills

  • Additional useful tools

  • Effective speaking strategies and techniques

  • Key spoken French grammatical rules and lexical knowledge

  • Refinement of pronunciation

  • Organizing content

  • Speaking practice (formulation of brief messages, summaries in present and past tense, voicing of opinions, etc.) and evaluation of French speaking skills

  • Technological tools

  • Anyone wishing to obtain a high intermediate or advanced level in French oral skills (equivalent, for example, to a B or C level in the Public Service Oral Interaction Test)
  • Anyone who has already obtained a high intermediate or advanced level in French oral skills, and who would like to retain this linguistic competence, or to further perfect their French listening and speaking skills

Genka Lessiguerska Vidénov, M.A., holds a Masters degree in International Relations and a Bachelor degree in Lettres françaises and Political Sciences from the Universities of Ottawa and Sherbrooke. She has a broad experience as an adult French teacher, mostly linked to different second language learning programs at Public Works and Government Services Canada. She also taught in the Medias and Communication fields at the college level.

"A very useful course and the instructor is fantastic!"

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This course is designed to prepare federal government employees for the Public Service Oral Interaction Test. It is also for anyone wishing to maintain a high intermediate or advanced level in French oral skills (equivalent to a B orC level in the Public Service Oral Interaction Test), or wanting to further perfect their French listening and speaking skills.

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