Managing Adversity: A Service Excellence Approach

“Why am I the one who has to deal with this?”

Difficult situations come up in everyone’s workplace. Whether you’re a team leader, an analyst, or a clerk at a customer service counter, excellence in how a service is provided is often a measure of how a business or a sector performs.

Successfully managing difficult situations is a cornerstone of customer service. As customers’ needs and behaviours evolve, so must workplace approaches to delivering excellence. How you choose to view, and handle adversity plays a critical role in your professional and personal development. It can also influence your organization’s productivity and reputation.

More than this, an individual’s quality of life is influenced by their ability to adapt to change, not only in their social surroundings but also within themselves. It is in your best interests to develop techniques to deal with difficult situations as unpleasant interactions often have a ‘half-life’ that lasts well beyond the encounter itself. How you handle such situations may also be used in performance reviews.

Asking what opportunities an obstacle presents opens up new options. The ability to turn adversity against itself is a skill that can be learned, and which brings value to how individuals, teams and organizations deliver customer service.

This workshop examines the how context and perception create difficult situations, and explores approaches, techniques and best practices that help overcome service-based challenges.

This workshop requires active participation by everyone.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Understand the context, and deconstruct the complexity, of difficult situations in client service

  • Reframe conflict – “there are no difficult people, just difficult behaviours”

  • Explore and control the variables in a communication exchange

  • Understand the critical importance of goal-oriented communication

  • Employ situation determined best practices – to limit communication blind spots and help solve problems as they arise

  • Front-line staff dealing with customers
  • Employees providing services to internal and external clients
  • Managers and team leaders looking to positively shape organizational culture
  • Individuals interested in leadership and growth

Professor Emeritus Bernie Warren Ph.D. is an award-winning researcher & teacher, an internationally respected author, and a featured ‘expert’ speaker worldwide. In addition to Western training in Performing Arts and Psychology, he has trained in Eastern healing and martial arts for 50 years.

He has 40+yrs teaching experience and has designed and delivered ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops and programs worldwide on:

  • Developing creativity
  • Reducing stress, promoting health and improving quality of life
  • Group building and effective interpersonal communication
  • Increasing productivity and workplace satisfaction

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