Knowledge Management: Monitoring and Evaluation Methods

Knowledge management is an increasingly important ingredient in organizational strategies and plans.  Front line administrators and senior decision makers alike are faced with an ever-expanding array of data, information and knowledge.  It is one thing to establish knowledge management systems and practices, but how can you be sure they are working and producing the desired results?

This workshop explores the critical areas of measuring, interpreting, and analyzing results to ensure the continual improvement of knowledge management systems.  The goal of the workshop is to arm participants with both the understanding and the tools that will help them ensure that their knowledge management processes produce the intended results. In a knowledge management system tuned using these tools, not only will negative issues be addressed appropriately, but opportunities will be captured and collected for the mutual benefit of individuals and organizations.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Understanding the notions of monitoring and evaluation in knowledge management

  • Understanding the operational dimensions of monitoring and evaluation in knowledge management including monitoring areas, triggers, scales, assets, processes, and dynamics

  • Learning about current monitoring and evaluation practices in knowledge management including existing models, case studies, and templates for implementation

  • Identifying challenges including personnel issues, organizational issues, limits of current models, and limits of measuring complex systems

  • Paying attention to trends, including data mining, data visualization, dashboards, mobile communication, embedded tracking, and cross-sector collaborations.

  • Public Service directors, managers and mid-level program and policy public servants who need to better understand how to implement, monitor, and evaluate knowledge management systems in their work environments
  • Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and Municipal public service employees

Peter Norman Levesque, KSJ, MA, is a consultant, teacher and social entrepreneur based in Ottawa. He has over thirty years of experience working with the public, private and non-profit sectors on issues of innovation, strategy and knowledge sharing. His career has included success as an entrepreneur, a leader in creating research and knowledge mobilization programs and a founder of many non-profit organizations. He has served as deputy director of knowledge products and mobilization at SSHRC, knowledge exchange specialist at CHEO and chair of knowledge management at the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. He currently serves on several boards of non-profit organizations. When not teaching at the University of Ottawa, he serves as president of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization and maintains a busy consulting practice. Peter is an experienced and sought after speaker, facilitator, and commentator on issues of education, research, knowledge and strategy.

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