Integrative Peacebuilding: Norm Transformation - Women’s Access to Senior Management Positions (Online Session)

The Integrative Peace Building (IPB) courses are grounded in leading edge concepts of human dynamics, complex processes, and relationship-building to bring about sustainable problem resolution in conflicted settings. It is understood that the premises of IPB can only succeed if all interacting parties have the capacity to exchange with each other on an equal, professional, and meaningful basis.

Notwithstanding the culture in place, the leaders and facilitators of these interactions must insist on the inclusion, integration, and empowerment of women to deliver the agreed-upon outcomes. However silos are a challenge to this corporate goal. As such, leaders must become norm entrepreneurs. Contexts always matter and gender issues cover a wide range of challenges. Therefore, tools of leadership and partnership will be presented to create new opportunities.

The course will deal with concerns and issues raised by participants – a key component of the collaborative nature of this course. Teams will collectively develop strategies, concepts, and practical suggestions for those with a mandate (formal or informal) to deal with women’s inclusion and empowerment issues in the workplace.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Comprehension of the limitations of women’s integration and empowerment, and the psychological impacts of exclusion

  • Awareness of criteria for sustainable integration of women into senior positions

  • Awareness of cultural change management processes to improve relations towards women’s access to senior management positions

  • Public servants
  • University teachers and graduated students
  • Participants challenged by the speed of change in their work and personal environment and those leading those changes.

Sylvie Lemieux graduated in Civil Engineering from Polytechnique, Sylvie is a retired LCol Army Engineer and a retired executive from the Public Service of Canada. She has represented twice the Green Party of Canada. She is a consultant for Global Affairs Canada and a member of NGOs involved in foreign policies, peace and disarmament.

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Integrative Peacebuilding: Norm Transformation - Women’s Access to Senior Management Positions (Online Session)
November 30, December 2, 7, 9, 2021
9:00 - 12:00
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