Integrative Peacebuilding: Creating Agility Awakening in Complex Times (Online Session)

The hallmarks of those ready to jump into action are a combination of readiness and willingness. However, the multi-layered complexities of today’s world and business challenges forced us to stop before jumping.  And hurry up. To create the fertile ground for agility, the leader requires an analysis of the objective and subjective processes (such as decision-making, acquisition of resources and investment plan) and relationships (the influencer and/or the leadership) of the work environment. Agility awakening uses the tenets of the Integral Approach as an opportunity to consider one’s internal and external barriers to create flow to open to emergence and creativity. Finally, agility may require a dose of intuition to better evaluate the required windows of opportunity.

Canada’s historical Mine Ban Treaty will be used as the background to illustrate that some challenges and their timely solutions were not just a case of good luck.

This course uses hands-on projects. 


  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Self-discovery of barriers at work

  • Self-discovery of personal barriers and

  • Developing intuition

  • Public servants
  • University teachers and graduated students
  • Participants challenged by the speed of change in their work and personal environment and those leading those changes

Sylvie Lemieux graduated in Civil Engineering from Polytechnique, Sylvie is a retired LCol Army Engineer and a retired executive from the Public Service of Canada. She has represented twice the Green Party of Canada. She is a consultant for Global Affairs Canada and a member of NGOs involved in foreign policies, peace and disarmament.

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