Giving Constructive Feedback

How do I ensure that the ideas, comments and suggestions I offer are not viewed as ‘unwelcome information’ by those who receive them? The potential for negative impact on our relationships with colleagues and coworkers is one of the major reasons we choose not to deliver constructive feedback. The challenge in choosing to encourage others to think or act differently is twofold: first, your willingness to provide — and the willingness of the other to receive — constructive feedback; second, your ability to do so without damaging the relationship with a coworker. 

This workshop builds an understanding of the barriers that impede your willingness to deliver feedback and the “filters” that you must anticipate and manage to ensure the effect you create is consistent with your intent. In addition, practical and effective techniques and strategies will be introduced and practiced in order to enhance your ability to be understood while minimizing the potential for damaging your work relationships. 

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Defining constructive feedback and its role in moving an organization towards its goals and objectives

  • Barriers to providing and receiving feedback: our perception of the world affects how we interact with others

  • Features and benefits: characteristics of ideas and suggestions that affect “buy-in”

  • A roadmap for planning and effectively delivering constructive feedback

  • Providing constructive feedback in situations where you have responsibility but no clearly defined authority

  • How to manage differences and conflict

  • How to manage emotions when they impede “getting the job done”

  • People who wish to: build collaborative relationships with others inside and outside the organization; make — and influence others to make – a difference; and, embrace and manage change

Erik Adler, B.A., M.A., COE (Organizational Ethics), has worked with the Federal Public Service as a values and ethics advisor, learning specialist, management practices advisor and policy writer. He has also moonlighted as a professional screenwriter, photographer, musician and artist. Erik is a dynamic speaker who brings his breadth of knowledge, experience and passion to everything he does, which often results in some unique insights.

“It is an eye opener on things we say or things we do without realizing the consequences.”

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Giving Constructive Feedback
March 14, 2019
9:00 - 16:00

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