Equip Yourself to Tackle Difficult Behaviours - A Specialized Approach

Difficult behaviours can be a great source of stress and productivity loss in the workplace. Left unattended, these behaviours, which tend to be contagious, have a perverse effect and can sabotage the best efforts of you and your team. Yet many people avoid addressing the problem for fear of conflict or repercussions or because they feel they lack the necessary skills to intervene.

This advanced workshop will help you acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to take action. Some of the techniques you will learn come from the fields of conscious communication (NLP) and Japanese psychology. The workshop will allow you to explore a whole spectrum of different types of difficult and complex behaviours — abrasive, highly conflictual, unreasonable — and strategies to address them skillfully and confidently.

The workshop will also offer a comprehensive segment on health to enable you to identify and deal with problematic behaviours in the workplace that could be health related, such as addiction, deficiencies and depression. You will also learn to ensure your own well-being.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Understanding the source of difficult behaviour

  • Assessing the problem correctly before engaging in a strategic intervention

  • Distinguishing between different, difficult and very difficult behaviour

  • Learning to use conscious communication techniques to go beyond limiting perceptions

  • Developing the vision of a conscious leader with Japanese psychology

  • Learning to remain centered and keep your attention focused on the objective in difficult situations

  • Solving difficult cases: scenarios and interview techniques to learn how to deal with difficult situations and behaviors

  • Incivility, "abrasive", highly conflictual, unreasonable behaviour - explore a whole spectrum of different types of difficult behaviours and strategies to adopt to address those difficult and complex behaviours skillfully and with assurance.

  • Coaching in a nutshell: case study and sharing of an example of difficult behavior in your workplace for which you haven’t found a solution yet

  • Health in a nutshell: five essential factors to be a healthy leader

  • Supervisors, managers, team leaders, practitioners, and leaders at all levels who want to develop their know-how and increase their comfort when dealing with difficult behaviour
  • Anyone who wants to familiarize him or herself with new and efficient techniques and methods to understand, communicate and deal better with difficult behaviours

Jocelyne Durand, M. Ed. is a Certified Executive Coach with the Boss Whispering Institute (BWI), specialized in coaching “abrasive” leaders and a Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner member of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA).  She manages her business, Consciousness 360, since 2011.  She teaches at the Professional Development Institute since 2011 offering the workshop Dealing with Difficult behaviours, and more recently Equip Yourself to Tackle Difficult Behaviours – a Specialized Approach and Managing Adversity: A Service Excellence Approach.  She has worked for the Public Service for 17 years as a learning specialist and in her last years as a consultant, specialized executive coach, organizational ombudsman and conflict resolution practitioner.  She is an andragogue, a Neuro-linguistic programming trainer and Master Practitioner and is certified in Methods of Japanese Psychology. She practices as a certified naturopath since 1991.

‘’ Excellent course and top notch facilitator who provided valuable information and perspectives. The instructions were provided in a well-balanced manner.’’

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