Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

“the easiest way to get rid of a Minus is to change it into a Plus”

Most workplaces have at least one person who is perceived as difficult. Difficult behaviour can manifest itself as pervasive negativity, rudeness, impatience, recurring drama, even open anger and aggression. Like all negative forces, difficult attitudes and behaviours tend to be contagious and are more and more prevalent in the workplace. They drain collective energy, are costly, foster misperceptions, bring out the worst in others and spark conflict. Difficult behaviour may be inevitable, yet it is also manageable. It needn’t lead to lost productivity, hobbled relationships or a toxic atmosphere.

Starting from the premise that all behaviour occurs for a reason and that context determines whether the behaviour is appropriate, in this workshop you will learn techniques and innovative methods that draw on Eastern and Western evidence-based, best-practices to be well-prepared, help avoid difficult, unproductive situations and, when they do arise, reframe and transform them. Through the use of sociodramatic exploration of scenarios, participants will address a range of difficult situations and behaviors and practice ways to control and reshape these situations.

This one-day course provides basic techniques to deal with difficult behaviours that can be resolved through standard methods of conflict resolution. It does not address more complex difficult behaviours linked to personality disorders or mental health problems in the workplace that require more advanced techniques, which are covered in the advanced course Equip Yourself to Deal with Difficult Behaviours — A Specialized Approach.

This workshop requires active participation by everyone.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Understand how context may influence and create difficult behaviour

  • Assess the problem before intervening

  • Identify what strategy to adopt in each case

  • Build rapport and identify appropriate modes of communication

  • Be confident and solve situations involving difficult behaviour

  • Employees, supervisors and managers who must deal with difficult and challenging behaviours and personalities
  • Anyone who wants to coexist more peacefully and positively with and deal more confidently with difficult behaviours
  • Anyone who wants tools for transforming negatives into positives

Professor Emeritus Bernie Warren Ph.D. is an award-winning researcher & teacher, an internationally respected author, and a featured ‘expert’ speaker worldwide. In addition to Western training in Performing Arts and Psychology, he has trained in Eastern healing and martial arts for 50 years.

He has 40+yrs teaching experience and has designed and delivered ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops and programs worldwide on:

  • Developing creativity
  • Reducing stress, promoting health and improving quality of life
  • Group building and effective interpersonal communication
  • Increasing productivity and workplace satisfaction


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