Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the engine that drives many of our most prized organizational traits, including entrepreneurship, openness to change and the desire to improve. It’s a skill that can be learned. Innovation, for its part, is the successful adaptation to a new location or the blending of existing ideas into a new hybrid (although it can also lead to completely new ideas). This one-day productive workshop offers a practical approach to both creativity and innovation. Through a series of case studies and exercises, you will learn to harness your creative energies to generate improvements for your organization and shape its future.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Understanding the nature of innovation

  • Exploring different analysis and decision-making approaches

  • Working with practical tools to guide your creative thinking

  • Applying these tools to real-world problems that you bring to the workshop

  • Building on the skills and talents of you and your colleagues

  • Analysts seeking to improve their choice of decision options
  • Managers seeking to optimize their team’s performance
  • Teams looking to break the barriers of stale thinking and achieve optimal results

Peter Norman Levesque, KSJ, MA, is a consultant, teacher and social entrepreneur based in Ottawa. He has over thirty years of experience working with the public, private and non-profit sectors on issues of innovation, strategy and knowledge sharing. His career has included success as an entrepreneur, a leader in creating research and knowledge mobilization programs and a founder of many non-profit organizations. He has served as deputy director of knowledge products and mobilization at SSHRC, knowledge exchange specialist at CHEO and chair of knowledge management at the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. He currently serves on several boards of non-profit organizations. When not teaching at the University of Ottawa, he serves as president of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization and maintains a busy consulting practice. Peter is an experienced and sought after speaker, facilitator, and commentator on issues of education, research, knowledge and strategy.

‘’Overall a very good workshop. I think this would be extremely useful for management & decision makers as I will try to implement these new tools.”

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Creativity and Innovation (Online Session)
September 22, 23, 2021
13:00 - 16:00

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